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Blue Mountains

Services Provided

Is it time?      If you’ve been wondering if life could be better, maybe it’s time to call and discover what your next steps might be... 

As a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), my therapy services include:


➻ Individual therapy-exploring narratives with genuine curiosity and wonder to promote healthy reflection, growth and healing to live life in the present day by day 


➻ Couple Therapy-exploration of the relationship and the “space between” to nurture and restore balance and harmony, heal, reflect, and improve communication as a couple


➻ Family Therapy-exploring family member roles and dynamics with one another-resolving conflict and building bridges to promote healing, healthy communication and deep, meaningful connection


➻ Group Therapy {Please note: No Groups meeting currently in PA

Grief & Loss, Life Challenges, Managing Chronic Illness, Empty Nest, Elder Care, Parenting Issues, Employment Transition, Divorce/Relationship Recovery 


Tired of still hurting from past traumatic events?  

Together we can create a new way to handle distress from the past and to live more fully in the present.  Sometimes an event that happened to us as a younger person, like childhood abuse, can make our current lives more difficult.  It may be harder to get along with other people, lower self esteem, cause stress, anxiety or depression.  We might feel frustrated that something that happened so long ago can still make us upset, leading us to feel hopeless and trapped.


Thankfully, we don’t have to stay trapped in the past. With an experienced, compassionate therapist to help us feel safe and work through what happened in the past, we can get a clearer perspective on the event and move on from it successfully. We don’t have to go through this pain alone. You can take the first step toward healing by calling a therapist who understands trauma recovery thoroughly.  As a professional psychotherapist with personal and professional experience with trauma, I can help. I consider it a privilege to work collaboratively with trauma survivors to clear up old traumas so they can move on with their lives. Some of the issues I have worked with include:


witnessing or experiencing a life-threatening event 

divorces/break-ups that are damaging and full of conflict

serious life-threatening illnesses

childhood physical abuse, incest and sexual abuse

rape and sexual assault

domestic abuse and traumatic bonding 

critical or emotionally abusive family members

self-medicating with substances/food

unfinished grief and loss related to a loved one

trauma related to military service 


When you are ready, we can begin to work together to 

help you to start living life in real-time rather than 

feeling trapped by what happened in the past.  


You are so much more than your pain.

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